Is Airsoft Legal In Canada?

Is airsoft legal in Canada

Knowing if an activity is legal or illegal before you play it is a pretty good idea. That goes double for the game of airsoft because believe it or not, some places have banned the sport. Australia is on that like. That’s right, airsoft is illegal in Australia…. so it airsoft legal in Canada?

Airsoft guns are legal in Canada and are subject to the same laws, licenses, and safe handling conditions that apply to other firearms. Airsoft was first played in Japan in early 1970. So is airsoft legal in Canada, YES! Airsoft guns are legal in Canada where it is just another sport.kinda like hockey

What is Airsoft?

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Airsoft is a team shooting sport where the teams compete against one another. The guns used are replica toy guns and the aim is to eliminate the opposing player by tagging them out of play with spherical plastic bullets launched with the toy air weapons called Airsoft guns. Because Airsoft guns are legal in Canada it makes the sport very popular. It is a bit similar to Paintball which is legal in Australia and has become very popular.

Types of Airsoft Guns

You can play the sport in an Airsoft field that is purpose-built. There are several different Airsoft guns for purpose, but if you are just starting out it might be best to buy an Airsoft starter kit. As a toy weapon Airsoft guns will often resemble a genuine firearm, and may not be distinguishable as a toy gun.

What is an Airsoft Gun

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Airsoft guns are legal in Canada, as they are replica toy guns used for sporting purposes, it is a game that adults play in teams.

The gun can resemble an air rifle, and because they have a low muzzle energy rating, and the pellets are less likely to penetrate than a conventional air gun, they are considered generally safe for recreational purposes if proper protective equipment is worn.

As a toy weapon Airsoft guns can be designed to look like a real gun, a distinguishing factor in some is the orange muzzle tips.

Traditionally Airsoft was used solely for recreational purposes but in 2012, gas blowback (GBB) airsoft technology was adopted by State Institutions as a tactical training tool used in close quarter battle. It is a useful tool for advanced shooter training because it reduces the risk of an accidental shooting.

Airsoft Sporting Teams

Airsoft events have become popular around the world, and large organized events take place in Europe with more than 2000 people participating.

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There are also organized gatherings in North America, and the large gatherings attract many participants who will see a larger variety of equipment used, this can range from small arms to armored vehicles. In many countries, every Airsoft gun owner must belong to an accredited association. Games are played at a registered field using simulated combat situations. Equipment used includes rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, land mines, and other equipment usually seen in combat.

Sometimes historical reenactments of famous wars also occur, and this makes the game strategically interesting for participants and clubs.

Different Airsoft Guns

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Various types of Airsoft guns can be used, spring-powered guns are not generally as powerful as the gas ones. Spring-powered guns are

less expensive, and probably will not last as long. Many can be upgraded and modified to become more powerful and to last longer.

Most electric airsoft guns use springs to propel the pellets. These weapons are often available in department stores and are used as training guns.

Training guns are the first guns that you will use when learning to participate in the sport, and they are known to be very reliable.

Automatic electric guns are also used, and these have a spring-loaded piston pump and rechargeable battery packs.

Japan was the first place to have Airsoft Guns and sports, and the AEGs were developed in Japan, and a Japanese company invented the original gearbox system. This is an effective system where the motor drives three gears mounted inside a gearbox, and once the spring is released it pushes the piston plunger forward to propel a bullet through the chamber and out of the muzzle. Many manufacturers have now replicated this Japanese model and improved on it.

Medium price electric guns are also available, for example, MP-5 and AK-47 models have improved the range and are priced to meet the market.

Electric blowback is another popular choice with most models using pneumatic blowback systems. With such a wide choice it is not surprising that the sport is gaining in popularity in many countries.

Airsoft Fields

Some places have dozens of Airsoft Field available with a mix of both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. An outdoor field is often a couple of acres of a wooded area or it can be a properly constructed area set up for close quarter battles. Indoor/outdoor lend themselves to a different style of play.

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If you are outdoors the game is often slower-paced and involves stealth and camouflage. Indoor airsoft fields offer a game where speed and agility are more effective in play. Sometimes accessories like grenades and flashbangs are used, especially indoors where they tend to be more effective. In states where winter is long and harsh, the weather won’t affect indoor play, and in many places, this is the preferred method. If you are playing outdoors and the snow starts the game will probably be canceled.

If you are not an Airsoft C3, member, sign up and be notified when new venues start near to you.

Equipment Required for Airsoft

‘Is Airsoft legal in Canada’? yes, and you will require some safety equipment. You will need goggles to protect your eyes. A light jacket with long sleeve shirt protects your arms and upper body. A paintball mask is ideal, and you will need the appropriate gun. Noise-canceling headphones may be required. Your personal protective equipment is important, even though the projectiles can’t kill you your body can be damaged if hit while not properly protected. Because of legislation Airsoft is banned in Australia. The reason being that the law says ‘anything that looks like a firearm is a firearm’. Until the law is changed Airsoft remains an illegal sport in Australia.

North America is the place most popular for Airsoft after it came to the USA from Japan in the 1990s and quickly gained popularity in all States.

Finding an Airsoft Field

If you are planning to play on the weekend, you will need to phone ahead to prebook and to pay. It is important for the organizers to know in advance how many participants they are expecting, and then they can plan accordingly. Sometimes you will have to drive for an hour to reach a field, and you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there. Read the rules and sign the waiver, so that you are good to go when you arrive.

Airsoft is an affordable hobby and the most affordable shooting sport with fields charging between $10-$35 per day. If you are trying the sport for the first time, you may be able to rent the gear.

Protecting Airsoft Guns

As Airsoft guns are classified as firearms they should be stored in a safe place in your home. In the UK anyone over the age of 14 years can use an Airsoft gun or an air rifle. In some areas of the USA and Canada safety regulations require bright markings, an orange tip, and are classified as air compressed toys depending where they are located.

Learning your Airsoft Techniques

If you aspire to be an Airsoft sniper, you will need to go to an appropriate field and practice. When you are new at the sport there is work to be done in order to become proficient. As well as your usual safety gear, you will need a camouflage suit so that you can’t be easily seen. Usually, more experienced players are snipers. But, if you have been a school cadet, and have an efficiency around gun use, you will probably have the skills for the role. Your role as a sniper will be to eliminate high-value targets and that will take some practice and patience. Your powers of observation will also need to be good, and you will gauge your most effective target. Get to the field early as an exploration of the area needs to be carried out before the game. You will need to become familiar with the terrain and obtain some maps ( print the maps from the website) to work out the ambush points

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and gain a good understanding of the area. Also, make sure you have a strong understanding of your equipment, and keep it in good condition and store it properly after a game.

Is Airsoft Legal In Canada Final Thoughts

Because ‘are Airsoft guns legal in Canada’? is a frequently asked question, it is good to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the sport before you start to play. It certainly appears to be an all-consuming activity. Having a group of friends who indulge in the sport is also good, as you can spend the weekend together having a great time while trying to outdo one another in your chosen sport. When winter hits, you can take your game indoors for a few months, and hone your skills in speed and agility.

I hoped you found are is airsoft legal in Canada article informative. Did you know airsoft was legal in Canada? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to checkout out latest airsoft article here

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Is Airsoft Legal In Canada?

Knowing if an activity is legal or illegal before you play it is a pretty good idea. That goes double for the game of airsoft because believe it or not,
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