Best Airsoft Fields Near Me Within The United States

Airsoft Fields Near Me

One of the most popular struggles of airsoft have been the same for a number of years. It’s rarely not having enough people or airsoft weapons….but having a place to play airsoft seems to be an issue with most airsofters.

Airsoft isn’t a game that can be played out in the front yard or in the privacy of your own home. You need a good amount of land, away from a main road and housing, and close enough to be able to play multiple times a month. Maybe if you’re rich you can go out and buy some land specifically for airsoft. But for the other 99% of airsofters, we’ve got you with this airsoft fields near me article.

Airsoft Fields Near Me Within The United States

Airsoft Fields Near Me Within The United States

If you live in the good ol US of A you’re in luck! There’s a ton of great Airsoft fields across our beautiful land and in almost every state. We have a list of the best airsoft fields near me thanks to




Timberline Adventure Park


Disruptive Paintball and Airsoft

Fightertown Paintball and Airsoft

Freedom Airsoft

VIP Airsoft

Wild West Paintball and Airsoft Park


Airsoft Battleground

Airsoft Extreme Arena

Ambush Airsoft Park

Camp Pendeton Airsoft Park

Code Red Airsoft Park

Combat Paintball Park

CQB City

DSOC Killhouse

Fresno Airsoft Arena

Gamepod Combat Zone

Giant Airsoft Hollywood Sports

Giant Airsoft San Diego

Gorilla Airsoft

HBC Armory Airsoft

Hill 559

Jact Legion

Jungle Island Airsoft Park

Mr. Paintball USA

Playland 707

Project Airsoft California (P.A.C.)

SC Village

Sierra AO

Stryker Paintball and Airsoft

Tac City Airsoft

U.S. Airsoft World

Ukau Airsoft

Warped Ops

West Coast Adventure Park


American Paintball Coliseum – Indoor

Badlands of BFE

DMZ Airsoft CQB

F.A.F. Flat Acres Farm Airsoft Field

Go Airheads


Ground Zero Airsoft Field

Mystic Fields of Fire

Tactical Airsoft

Mills Stream Airsoft Field

Pumpkin Valley Farm

The Smokestack

Warrior Village


911 Airsoft


Area 41 Airsoft

Battalion Airsoft Arena

Battletown Miami

Bethlehem Airsoft

Black Tiger Airsoft

Combat Zone Sports

Doomsday Airsoft / Route 7

DV8 Airsoft


Indian River Airsoft

Invincibles Airsoft Park

Matrix Paintball / Airsoft

Miami Airsoft

OP31 Airsoft – FL

Raptor Airsoft

Tactical Airsoft Compound (T.A.C.)


Airsoft Depot

AllStar Airsoft

Arkenstone 1 Paintball and Airsoft

Elite Ops Airsoft

Fort Stewart Airsoft

Georgia Airsoft

Goldeagle Airsoft

Hoppers Paintball and Airsoft

Metropolis Arena

Paintball Outfitter

Power Ops

Shanes Hot Shots

SS Airsoft

Team Airsoft


Hawaii Extreme Paintball / Airsoft

TAG – Tactical Airgun Games Hawaii


True Paintball Adventure Park


Badlandz Paintball

Bing Field Paintball and Airsoft

CPX Sports

Legacy Paintball and Airsoft Park

Saltfork Paintball

Urban Warfare Paintball


Airsoft Revolution

Blast Camp

Butler Indiana Airsoft

Paintball Plex

Spec Ops Group

The Boneyard


Center Mass Airsoft

Drop Zone Paintball Park

Warzone Matrix

Wichita Airsoft


ACS Airsoft

Richmond Underground Gaming Center


BuecheStyock Airsoft

Cajun Airsoft

IronSight Airsoft


AllStarr Paintball and Airsoft

Airsoft Special Ops


Building 52

B52 Airsoft

Stronghold OPS Airsoft

PnL Paintball

Ultimate Battleground


North East Adventure Paintball and Airsoft Field

Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City


Pasadena Paintball Park (P3) Airsoft

Replay Airsoft Arena

Tactical Airsoft Arena


Harris Farm Airsoft Field

Warrior Village


Airsoft of Kalamazoo

DarkFire Airsoft

Futureball Paintball

Hells Survivors Paintball

Kalamazoo Airsoft

Matrix Airsoft Club

Michigan Tactical Airsoft Center

Motor City Airsoft

UP Airsoft

West Michigan Airsoft, Hoss Family Field


Big Lake Tactical

Crossfire Airsoft MN

MN Pro Paintball

Special Forces Paintball


Bailey’s Battlefield

MAKO Advanced Combat Center

So Go Airsoft

The Rock Airsoft


Electric City Airsoft

Wild Rose Paintball & Airsoft

North Carolina

Airsoft Battle Park

Cedar Creek Airsoft

Command Decisions Wargames Center

Cool Combat

Gunny’s Warfare Center

PBC Sports Park – Charlotte

PBC Sports Park – Greensboro

Southfield Airsoft


North Dakota

Three Brothers Paintball, LLC

New Hampshire

Feel Good Farm Airsoft

RPC Airsoft

New Jersey

C&C New Jersey Airsoft Field

Independance Airsoft and Tactical ParkNew Breed Paintball

Quick Shot Paintball and Airsoft

R-14 Airsoft

Softair NJ

Stryker Airsoft

The Airsoft Factory

New Mexico

Hinkle Family Fun Center

Ruckus paintball and airsoft


ACE Airsoft

Combat Zone

Las Vegas Premier Paintball

New York

Buffalo Battleground

Capital Combat Zone

CNY Airsoft

Coopers Cave Paintball and Airsoft Field

Cousins Paintball Riverhead

High Velocity Paintball

Hudson Valley Airsoft

Hunters Creek Airsoft

R&M Paintball and Airsoft

River City Airsoft

Rochester Airsoft

Strike Force Sports Airsoft

The BrickHouse / The ClubHouse

The Combat Zone Paintball

The War Zone

Watertown Airsoft League

Zulu 24


Assault Airsoft Indoor

Assault Airsoft Outdoor

Backyard Tactical Training (BTT)

Devils Playground Airsoft Field

Fallen Warrior Airsoft

Hidden Spring Ranch

i70 Paintball and Airsoft

Ohio Indoor Airsoft (OIA)

Ohio Valley Airsoft

Splatter Park

War Den Airsoft


Airsoft Tulsa Indoor Field

D-Day Adventure Park

Stockyard Airsoft

Thunderbird Airsoft


Action Acres Airsoft

Camp R&R

CV Paintball and Airsoft Field

Gold Hill Airsoft

Oregon Airsoft Arena and Tactical Store

Peak Airsoft

Rogue ETA

Splat Action Paintball

The SWAMP Paintball and Airsoft


Ambush Airsoft and Paintball

EAG Combat Simulations

Linglestown Paintball

Mercer Airsoft Center

Poco Loco Paintball Park

Steel City Airsoft

The Battlegrounds

The Grid Code

Three Rivers Paintball and Airsoft Park

Rhode Island


Extreme Airsoft

Rhode Island Paintball and Airsoft

Warzone Paintball and Airsoft

South Carolina

Battle Cat Sports

Black Ops Airsoft – South

SQA (aka Escue Airsoft


Bad Karma Airsoft

Battlefield Airsoft

Blackwater Marsh Airsoft


Hellhounds Airsoft Field

Moose Herd Airsoft

Nashville Airsoft

OP31 Airsoft – TN

Resurrection Airsoft

Springfield Airsoft Field

TennTak Airsoft

The Compound Airsoft Facility


5J Extreme Sports

878 Airsoft

Airsoft Revolution 15

Amarillo Tactical Airsoft

D14 Airsoft

Delta Paintball

DFW Adventure Park

Edinburg Paintball Battlegrounds

Forney Airsoft

Fun on the Run Field

High Ground Airsoft – Beaumont

High Ground Airsoft – Spring

Kombat Zone

La Vernia Airsoft Field

Mission: Airsoft

Paintball Fixx

Paintball Zone – North

Paintball Zone – South

Play Extreme Sports

Tanks Paintball – Sugarland

Temple Tactical and Airsoft

West Texas Airsoft


82nd Field

MilSim City

The Sand Box


Augusta Airsoft

Ballahack Airsoft

Bethel Battlefield

New Kent Paint Ball/Airsoft Games

Pev’s Paintball

RATAC Battlefield

XZone Airsoft




Go Big Paintball Park

Nitehawk Airsoft

Paintball Station

The Airsoft Center

Eagle Freak


Airsoft Arena

Airsoft Xtreme

BlackOps Airsoft

Edge Paintball and Airsoft

Promised Land Paintball

The Siege Paintball

Twin Cities Airsoft

West Virginia

Killer Elite Airsoft Center

M2 Bravo Airsoft Arena

M2 Event Center

Tri-State Airsoft Club

Airsoft Fields Near Me A Final Word

Please keep in mind that these locations can change due to various circumstances. For an example as we write this article we are going through the Covid-19 epidemic so most of these locations are closed. If you’re not sure if an airsoft field is open, simple click on the link we provided, it’ll bring you straight to their webpage or social media account with all their information.

Hope you enjoyed our airsoft fields near me article. You can checkout this airsoft field map provided by Also, please feel free to checkout our latest post on the Best 5 Airsoft Shotguns of 2020.

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Best Airsoft Fields Near Me Within The United States

One of the most popular struggles of airsoft have been the same for a number of years. It's rarely not having enough people or airsoft weapons....but having a place to
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