How To Use A Knife In Airsoft? Airsoft Knife Rules & Guide

How To Use A Knife In Airsoft? Airsoft Knife Rules Guide

When we think about airsoft, usually the first thing to come in mind is airsoft guns, masks, and the cool apparel that comes along with it. There so many people, (including myself) who spend hundreds of dollars a year customizing their airsoft AEG’s and Rifles, preparing for the next battle. But, did you know that some people play airsoft without guns. Some people prefer to use a knife in airsoft!

You may think using an knife in airsoft has no benefit, and that very few players use them, but you would be mistaken. There’s actually a good amount of players that run around with an airsoft knife and get kills with it. But how? If you’re intrigued you’ve come to the right place. So lets discuss how to use a knife in airsoft and much more!

Make Sure Your Airsoft Field Allows Knives.

Before you get an airsoft knife it’s a good idea to findout if you’re local airsoft field or arena allows airsoft knifes. In my experience, many do not so it’s a good idea to check in on that first.

If it’s allowed, you’re not going to bring a real knife you’d use to cut steak with to an airsoft game. That’s a good way of getting in huge trouble. Instead some arenas and fields use a rubber training knife. Some fields provide them, but you might want to go and buy a knife online. Below is a pair of training knives I would high recommend.

How To Use A Knife In Airsoft?

So you checked in on your local airsoft field and you’re in luck, they allow an airsoft knife. So the next step is figuring our how to use a knife in airsoft, especially during a game.

To perform a kill in airsoft with a knife you’re not going to be actively stabbing, or slashing at people. Doing so could actually hurt someone. Rather, to score a point or get a kill all you have to do is touch someone with the knife. Some rules do apply and we will get to that later, but generally a knife touch anywhere on the body counts for a kill.

When to Use A Knife In Airsoft?

Not every situation is going to be ideal for using a knife. I prefer to only use a knife during an airsoft match if I have areas that I can easily hide and be stealthy. Using an airsoft knife during a game of woodsball is probably the best situation in which a knife might be fun and beneficial. Here are a few things to keep in mind that might help you get an airsoft knife kill.

Be Stealthy and Quiet

Try and move slow and smooth, being careful where your feet are hitting the ground. Try to avoid sticks, leaves and other debris in the ground.

Keep Enemy In Front Of You

Always keep your enemy in front of you and do your best to sneak up behind them. It’s also a good idea to match your steps with your enemy so that they can’t hear your footsteps over their own.

Go Fast and Attack!

When you’re close enough that you’re confident you can tap them with your knife without getting shot, it’s time to move in fast. Don’t worry about being quiet and stealthy. Make a few long quick strides and attack!

Hide and Wait

Another tactic worth trying is to wait for the enemy to come to you. If you have good enough camouflage, you can hide and wait for the enemy to pass you, and just give them a little tap with your knife. Easy kill!

Airsoft Knife Rules

There are 3 main rules that you should follow when using a knife in an airsoft game. Some fields will have slightly different rules and modifications but these 3 are very common.

Rule #1 – Use A Floppy Knife

Nobody wants to get hurt, and a great way of getting hurt is to use a stiff ridged plastic knife, or god forbid a real steel knife. Use a rubber floppy knife like this one.

Rule #2 – No Stabbing or Slashing

Reframe from being tempted to slash or stab at your enemy. Especially around the neck or face. This is very unnecessary and could get someone hurt. All you need to do is simple touch someone with the rubber knife to get a kill.

Rule #3 – No Throwing The Knife

It may be tempting to throw the airsoft knife at your opponent, but that wont get you a kill. In order for the kill to count the knife has to be in your hand when you touch your opponent with it. If you want to get a kill from far away, grab an airsoft gun.

Top Airsoft Knives To Use

Here are some airsoft knives I would recommend.

Airsoft Knife YouTube Videos

Sometimes instead of explaining things it’s best to just show you. So I found a few videos on Youtube that I think do a good job at explaining airsoft knives and how they are utilized in a game. Be sure to watch the Airsoft Ninja video! It’s very impressive

Airsoft Knife Rules & Guide Final Thoughts

Using a knife in airsoft fan be a really fun and thrilling experience. It can also be an experience that left experiencing only once. I have used a knife during airsoft a handful of times and I personally have only gotten 2 kills with it. I much prefer to have an airsoft gun in my hands.

However, some people really seem to enjoy it and a rare few get extremely good. I can tell you this, the people that can pull off kills in airsoft with a knife are legends on the field that are not forgotten. So next time you’re getting ready for an airsoft match. Don’t forget to pack your airsoft knife, who knows, you might get a few kills and gain legendary status!

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How To Use A Knife In Airsoft? Airsoft Knife Rules & Guide

When we think about airsoft, usually the first thing to come in mind is airsoft guns, masks, and the cool apparel that comes along with it. There so many people,
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