Will the Snow Damage My Airsoft Gun?

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It’s winter time and you want to play a little bit of airsoft. But there’s snow on the ground and you’re wondering, will the snow damage my airsoft gun?

Snow will not damage your airsoft gun or prevent it from working correctly. Most airsoft guns are able to work in all conditions thanks to their design. I wouldn’t recommend leaving your airsoft gun in a snowbank overnight, but even then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Should You Play Airsoft In The Snow?

Airsoft is a sport that’s not just limited to fair weather summer play. Rather It’s a sport designed to simulate real life warfare which can be played in all types of weather conditions. This includes playing in the dead of winter where there’s snow everywhere. But why would anyone want to play in these brutal conditions?

Well there are a few reasons someone might want to try playing airsoft in the snow. It provides realism, a change in environment, requires different tactics, and allows you to play all year long thus making you a better player. However playing airsoft in the winter might not be for everyone. So lets take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing airsoft in the snow

Advantages Of Playing Airsoft In The Snow

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Added Realism

War is fought in all types of environments and conditions. If you want the most realistic war simulated airsoft experience, the weather should never be an issue (with the exception of lightening, blizzard…etc). Playing in the snow will be a different experience that will leave you feeling like you were actually in a real life battle.

Change in Environment

We will have played airsoft in the summer spring and fall. But very few of us have played in the winter with snow on the ground, bare tress, and no bushes or long grass to hide in. The change in environment creates an entirely new experience that can be fun and challenging.

Requires Different Tactics

Remember when you hid in the brush with your ghillie suit and got that sweet kill from just a few yards away? Odds are that wont happen in the dead of winter with snow on the ground. Different tactics are going to have to be used along with different camouflaged and gear. Good luck sneaking up on enemies or running from cover to cover in deep snow.

Improves Skills

It’s likely your skills will improve when playing airsoft in the snow. Shooting will become harder and a feel for your gun will become lessened due to wearing winter gear. Overall it’ll probably be more difficult due to the lower temperatures. This may seem like a negative thing but at the end of the day I think it’s a positive. Playing airsoft in these harsh conditions will overall make you a better more diverse player.

More Time Playing

Obviously playing more often will have improve your skills that much faster than your opponents. While others are playing 2 or 3 seasons out of the year, you and your team will be playing all year round. Communication between teammates will also increase which could really give your team an edge in future battles

Increases the Fun & Intensity

Simply put, I enjoy playing airsoft in the snow as much as I do in the rain or on a sunny day. For me, it increases the intensity and gives a very realistic experience I really enjoy. It also gives me an opportunity to purchase more gear specific for winter play and new airsoft loadouts.

Disadvantages Of Playing Airsoft In The Snow

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Its Really Cold

It’s pretty obvious but it has to be said. Playing airsoft in the winter is pretty darn cold. You’ll often have airsoft goggles that fog up and sometimes your fingers will be ice cold. always make sure to wear enough warm layers of clothing and hand warmers are always a good idea. If you want to prevent your airsoft goggles from fogging up click here.

Limited Playing Time

In the summer you can spend the entire day outside and only have to worry about getting sunburned or getting eaten alive by bugs. In the winter, you have to worry about deadly hyperthermia and frostbite. The harsh elements will limit the time you can play airsoft. The max I usually play airsoft outside in the snow is 3 hours. Also, daylight is limited in the winter so unless you’re willing to play in the dark, you’ll have a small window for playing.


Think your summer gear will be fine for playing airsoft in the snow? Well think again. That camo gear like a beacon in the snow and you’re going to freeze your butt off. You’re going to have to invest in some winter camouflaged

that’s going to help you blend into your surrounds and keep you warm. If you’re unsure what to get, here is a few airsoft winter gear I would recommend.

Lower Airsoft Gun Performance

Some airsoft guns that are powered by C02, Green Gas, or Electric will probably see a reduction in performance. The cold of winter lowers the effectiveness of battery powered devices and green gas and C02 canisters. If you have a blowback airsoft gun, you can also potentially have issues. Keep these things in mind the next time you decide to play airsoft in the snow.

Less Cover

This is another obvious negative to plating airsoft in the snow but it’s often overlooked. All the cover you would have in the summer is going to be completely gone. Cover is going to be very hard to find which can really make an airsoft game dull and boring. Try to stick to an outdoor arena with manmade cover or a heavily wooded area with plenty of evergreen trees.

Limited Game Options

Some airsoft game types are going to be next to impossible to play with snow on the ground. Capture The Flag and President being two games that i would highly suggest you do NOT play. Running in deep snow is not easy and you never know what could be lurking underneath your feet. I’ve twisted many ankles this way and I can say it’s really not worth it.

Can I Snowproof My Gun?

If you’re really worried about the snow damaging your airsoft gun there are a few steps you can take. Some of these methods are very similar to preventing damage to your airsoft gun during rain storms.

  • Electric Tape: You can apply some electric tape around your battery and connectors inside your airsoft gun. This will help waterproof these areas.
  • Waterproof Electronic Sprays: You can apply electric spray to your airsoft guns electrical components. This will prevent moisture from building up and causing your gun to malfunction.
  • Silicone Tape: Silicone tape works just as well as electric tape and is great for filling any gaps in your gun that snow might enter. However electric tape might be easier to find in your local store. If you would like to try silicone tape you can get a role of it here.

How to Prevent The Snow From Damaging Your Airsoft Gun

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As was mentioned before, I normal conditions, I really don’t think the snow is going to damage your airsoft gun. But with that being said, It can happen given the right conditions. So here are a few ways to prevent the snow from damaging your airsoft gun.

Don’t Leave Your Gun In The Snow

Leaving your gun in the snow for a limited amount of time isn’t going to hurt your gun. However, if you gun is hot from a long battle, and you decide to leave it in the snow, the snow on and around the gun is going to melt. That melting snow is now water and is more able to get into your airsoft gun and possibly cause damage. If you have to set your gun down in a snowbank for a few minutes that should be fine, just don’t leave it there for hours.

Prevent Falls

Can you see what’s under the snow? Yeah neither can I. It could be rocks, sticks, logs, you name it. And all of those things can easily get you tripped up causing you to fall and break your gun. When my brother and I were younger he was running away from me in the woods and there was a lot of snow on the ground. He got his feet tripped up on this log and when he fell he snapped my L96 Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun in half. Don’t be like my brother, be careful in the snow and watch your step.

Half Broken Guns

If your airsoft gun is half broken and has wires and big open spaces of missing plastic, it’s probably going to have problem from the snow. Snow can easily get into these places, melt, and possibly break your crappy airsoft gun even more. Thus leaving you in the woods, surrounded by the enemy with no working gun…not a fun time.

Leaving Your Gun Upright without a Barrel Cover

This can only be an issue if it’s actively snowing. If your gun is against a tree or object with the barrel upright, falling snow can get into your barrel. This can effect how your BB exits the barrel and cause it to be less accurate. The water can also damage interior components. If you have an expensive gun, It’s probably a good idea to have a barrel cover with you.

Will the Snow Damage my Airsoft Gun? Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a little snow will not likely damage your airsoft gun. However there are a few situations that can make it more likely for damage to accrue. But this shouldn’t deter you from having an airsoft match in the middle of winter. If anything, I encourage it. Playing airsoft in the snow is really fun and any serious airsoft player should experience at least once.

Hopefully this article on will the snow damage my airsoft gun set your mind at ease. Have you ever played airsoft in the winter? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout out latest article here.

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Will the Snow Damage My Airsoft Gun?

It's winter time and you want to play a little bit of airsoft. But there's snow on the ground and you're wondering, will the snow damage my airsoft gun? Snow
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