How to Keep Airsoft Goggles From Fogging. 5 Easy Methods

How to Keep Airsoft Goggles from Fogging

When playing airsoft it’s important to wear eye protection at all times. The last thing you want is to get hit in the face with a BB and lose and eye. But sometimes your airsoft goggles will fog up, causing all sorts of problems.

A few ways to prevent your airsoft google from fogging is to apply dish soap to the googles then wipe off the residue, use an Anti-Fog spray, or purchase anti fog goggles, or mesh googles. Some of these methods work better than others at preventing your googles from fogging up but all should get the job done.

Why Do Airsoft Goggles Fog Up?

The number 1 reason I see people on the airsoft field take off their eye protection in the middle of a game is because they can’t see. Having your airsoft googles fog up is not only frustrating but can be very dangerous. Often you won’t be able to see where you’re shooting, where the enemy is, or really anything for that matter. Most people’s first reaction is to take off their googles to wipe off the fogged lens, which you risk getting shot in the eye.

If this scenario happens to you, you might be wonder why your airsoft googles always seem to fog up during a match. Well the reason for your googles fogging is because warm water vapor from your breathe or ambient heat from your body cools down rapidly when it touches the google lens. It then takes on a liquid form that sticks to the surface of your lens. This is more likely to happen when the outside temperature is cooler than your body temperature.

Most likely reasons your googles fog up

  • Ambient Heat: The temperature of the surrounding environment.
  • Eye Wear Is Too Snug: Googles that are too tight to your face will have a lack of air flow.
  • High Humidity: High levels of humidity and more moisture in the air can increase the chances of your goggles fogging.
  • Exercise: You’re going to be moving around a lot when you play airsoft which is going to lead to radiating heat from your body. You can expect that to cause your google to fog up quickly.

How To Prevent your airsoft goggles from fogging

There’s a few different ways to get that pesky fog off of your airsoft googles. Some methods work a little better but I really think that all are worth a shot trying.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is a quick and inexpensive way of keeping your goggles fog free. Simple mix dish soap with a little bit of water and apply to the inside and outside of the goggle lens. This will create a thin layer of soap with prevents moisture from building up. This is a a perfect DIT solution and is great for people on a budget.

Anti Fog Sprays

My personal favorite method for preventing google fogging is to use Anti-Fog sprays. They work great and really aren’t that expensive. It may not be the cheapest solution on this list but it does a great job at preventing fogging even in the worst conditions. Just spray onto your goggle lenses and you’re good to go. Some Anti-fog applications can be purchases at your local airsoft store or HERE

Anti-Fog Goggle Or Mesh Airsoft Goggles

Probably the simplest way of preventing airsoft goggles from fogging is to simply purchase a pair that already have anti fogging properties. Some airsoft goggles have a anti-fogging lenses that work quite well. You can also opt for purchasing mesh airsoft goggle that have no glass lenses, thus making them 100% fog proof. If you’re interested in any of these options and would like to know more, checkout our airsoft goggles review.


Some airsofters use the good ol RAIN-X method to prevent thier googles from fogging up. Players apply a small amount of RAIN-X to each lens which helps prevent fog from forming on your goggles. However, I wouldn’t recommend this method due to the fact that RAIN-X in your eyes would make or a very bad day.


It may sound disgusting but using a little saliva by spitting on your goggles lens is a pretty effective way to prevent fogging. Ask any diver or swimmer and they’ll confirm this.

Recommended Anti Fogging Airsoft Products

We have discussed all types of ways to keep your airsoft goggles fog free. Some methods are free while other methods cost a very small amount of money. Here is a few anti-fogging products that you might want to try out.

Anti-Fogging Goggles

Mesh Goggles

Anti-Fog Sprays

How to Keep Airsoft Goggles from Fogging Final Thoughts

Wearing goggles isn’t for everyone and it can be a pain in the butt at times. Goggles fog up and can be very uncomfortable however, after reading this article, I hope you’ve learned a few tips and tricks on getting rid of fog on your goggles.

Remember to always wear eye protection when playing airsoft. Too many people have been shot in the eye and have went blind as a result. Also be sure that your goggles fit you and stay in place when you run, jump, and hop about.

What method is your favorite for preventing fogging? let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our latest airsoft article here

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How to Keep Airsoft Goggles From Fogging. 5 Easy Methods

When playing airsoft it’s important to wear eye protection at all times. The last thing you want is to get hit in the face with a BB and lose and
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