Will Rain Damage My Airsoft Gun?

Will Rain Damage My Airsoft Gun?

I have heard a lot of people ask me “will rain damage my airsoft gun”? This question is asked for good reason. Nobody wants to ruin their airsoft gun that they’ve spent possibly hundreds of dollars on. Or maybe you’re just interested in playing some simulated military scenarios in every type of weather condition. Reguardless of the reason you should know this…

Rainfall will not damage your airsoft gun. Generally airsoft guns are quite tough and are made to be water resistant. However, they are not waterproof and should not be fully submerged.

There’s a lot of elements to an airsoft gun such as motors and other electrical components that can’t get wet or it’ll stop working. Luckily these areas are sealed off well. But it’s still a good idea to not fully submerge your gun.

Why Do Some People Play Airsoft In The Rain?

Most people who ask this question have never experienced what a thrill playing in the elements can give you. Airsoft is meant to be a military simulation and meant to be played as realistic as possible. Simple put, playing in the rain and snow, is a very realistic experience.

Everything also becomes harder. Things are slippery, wet, muddy, and noisy. It makes people change strategies and honestly gets your adrenaline pumping.

I personally enjoy playing woods ball during rainstorms. I however have never been a fan of playing airsoft in the snow due to the cold. Where I’m from winters are just way too brutal and i just end up numb and not wanting to move.

Why You Don’t Have To Worry About The Rain

So as you already know I like playing in the rain. It gives a unique and realistic element to the gameplay, which i really enjoy. The first time playing I was worried that the rain would damage my airsoft gun, so i understand other people concerns.

However, you really don’t have to worry. Overall airsoft guns are tough and the components are kept out of the elements by design. Even the more mechanically complicated guns such as AEGs have an electrical system that’s completely closes off. But like anything else, it still shouldn’t be submerged.

Playing Airsoft In The Rain Issues

There are a few things I do worry about when playing airsoft in the rain. And no it’s not the rain falling from the sky and getting my gun wet. It’s what the rain does to other things.

Falling! Yes I’m afraid of falling….But not because I’m old and will break a hip. It’s because I’m worried I’ll fall and break my gun.

The rain makes everything wet, muddy, slipper, and harder to see. I have seen a few people just completely eat shit and as a result break off a barrel, or scope, or stock. I have personally fallen and my gun landed right in the river. Not a good day at all.

You can also obvious hurt yourself but any true airsofter will tell you, that’s to be expected in every game.

Can I Waterproof My Gun?

Lets say you’re still worried about the rain damaging your airsoft gun. Or doing what I did and dropping your gun in the river or a large puddle. Here are a few ways to waterproof your airsoft gun.

  • Use waterproof electronic spray: You can spray the electronic wired system with electronic spray if you are really woorried with moisture in your airsoft gun. But if you have a standard AEG with a micro switch trigger in there you’re probably okay. With the MOSFET replica’s I would definitely be more careful. Personally I would waterproof them. Please don’t submerge them in water. If you don’t you should be okay.   
  • Electric tape: If you just bought your Airsoft replica, do not immediately take a screw driver and be obsessed with moisture. Use some electric tape when you change your battery. At the same time you can do a little tape around the connector. Just to help waterproof it and to take some precaution.
  • Silicon Tape: This tape works even better to waterproof the connection from the battery to where it’s plugged into the gun. Besides the connector I’d advise you to also tape the motor grip (pistol grip). That’s the one you holding in your hand like with an M4. AK’s are normally pretty well sealed but M4’s aren’t, especially on the end cap.
  • The only time that you have an exposed wire or opening to your Airsoft replica is the pistol grip. If you holding your replica upside down or throwing it in the mud, you will get some dirt in you buffer tube as well as your connectors.   

These steps can also be found on a similar article found here.

Just keep in mind that I really don’t think you need to be waterproofing your airsoft gun. But if it gives you peace of mind it wont hurt your airsoft replica.

Prevent Rain Damage

There are a few….and I mean very few cases where the rain can cause some damage to your gun. I can’t stress the very rare part enough. But tlets talk a little bit a about it.

  • Half broken guns. If a gun is already damaged, the rain can get into the small parts like the gearbox and damage your gun. This is pretty common sense and I don’t see why anyone would be playing in the rain with a already damaged gun anyways.
  • Leaving your gun upright without a barrel cover. Lets say you decide to leave your secondary gun up against a tree for hours and hours. The rain can drip down your barrel and into the gearbox which can destroy the electronics. This can hypothetically happen but It’s never happened to me.
  • Submerging. The rain makes puddles, and if you gun falls into a deep enough mud puddle if can run your gun. But I still don’t see this happening unless you decide to leave your gun submerged for a while. I would like to think airsoft players are smarter than that.

Will Rain Damage My Airsoft Gun Final Thoughts.

I hope this article on will rain damage my airsoft gun gave you some peace of mind. I know when I first played airsoft in the rain I was worried about messing up my airsoft replica. But after years of doing this i understood that my fear was irrational.

Rain will not damage your airsoft gun. So keep playing in the rain! It’s a ton of fun.

So what did you think of are article? Have you ever played airsoft in the rain? If so, let is know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our latest article here

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Will Rain Damage My Airsoft Gun?

I have heard a lot of people ask me 'will rain damage my airsoft gun'? This question is asked for good reason. Nobody wants to ruin their airsoft gun that
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