When will airsoft be legal in Australia?

When will airsoft be legal in Australia?

Most of us in the United States, and Europe enjoy the wonderful game of Airsoft. But are friends in Australia aren’t so fortunate. In fact, airsoft is illegal there. Thats right…the sport we love and play at any chance we get is banned in their country. But luckily the world is changing quickly, which brings is to the question…when will airsoft be legal in the Australia?

It looks like airsoft will be legal in Australia very soon. Tens of Thousands of petitions to legalize airsoft have been signed and campaigners have been making good ground with lawmakers. It’s more looking of a question of when will airsoft be legal in Australia than a matter of if.

If you live in Australia this is must be music to your ears. If you live in other places you might be wondering why airsoft, out of all the places, would be illegal in Australia! To figure this out we need to take a few steps back and analyze the sport a bit.

What is Airsoft?

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As many of you probably know, airsoft is a team sports that’s played with replica firearms that shoot small plastic BBs. The objective of the game is to eliminate players on the other team. There are a bunch of different game variations, with the most popular being team deathmatch. Airsoft is deep routes in Europe, Russia, and North America.

Why Is Airsoft Illegal In Australia?


Airsoft is illegal in Australia, not because of the sport, but because of the guns. The argument is that the airsoft guns are a replica of real firearms and therefore could easily be mistaken for a real firearm.

Lawmakers are concerned about this and they make a valid point, however, the realistic guns is one of the biggest reasons most of us prefer airsoft over paintball. Speaking of which, paintball is legal in Australia even though a paintball projectile are larger and can shoot at a much faster rate.

Benefits of Making Airsoft Legal In Australia

Airsoft is a sport, and like many other sports, can be played professionally. Many young teens, and adults of all ages can learn team building skills and get a good amount of exercise in the process. This day and age people are inside glued to their TVs and video games. Playing airsoft is a great way to get up and get moving.

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Not only is airsoft great exercise, it’s a great business model. The growing sport can encourage people in Australia to start their own airsoft businesses in their local area, thus providing income in their communities and for their families.

It goes without saying, Australia is massive and hundreds of millions of people from all over the world travel there. Setting up airsoft tournaments in Australia would generate more tourism and income to the country. You could literally turn airsoft into one of the biggest sports in Australia without much competition.

How Can I Help? Final Thoughts

It’s crazy to think that Airsoft is illegal in Australia, but it’s nice to know that it’s looking like it will be legal very soon. Lawmakers are working with pro airsoft campaigners to figure out what requirements will have to be met.

Although it’s looking promising, people are still encouraged to sign the petition and continue to fight for the cause. Hopefully there will be a point where airsoft is legal everywhere in the world, maybe then, we will see an increase in popularity other the next few years.

If you would like to help support legalizing airsoft in Australia, you can sign the petition by clicking the link here. And don’t forget to checkout our latest airsoft beginners article here!

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When will airsoft be legal in Australia?

Most of us in the United States, and Europe enjoy the wonderful game of Airsoft. But are friends in Australia aren't so fortunate. In fact, airsoft is illegal there. Thats
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