What Is Airsoft? We Have The Best Answer!

What Is Airsoft? We Have The Best Answer!

What is Airsoft?

Virtually everyone has come across paintball, right? Airsoft is comparable except that instead of paint balls, the weapons discharge small plastic pellets called BBs.

So what is Airsoft? Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport where players eliminate opposing players by tagging them out of play with round plastic projectiles called BBs which are launched via replica air weapons called airsoft guns.

It’s a greatly fun tactical game that any person can grab and also play today, and personally we believe it’s a lot more enjoyable than paintball!

That’s the short version of what is airsoft. Lets take a deeper look into the subject shall we!

Airsoft is an army simulation sport where players participate in mock fight with authentic military-style tools and also techniques. Unlike paintball, airsoft utilizes 6mm round BBs made from difficult plastic. The guns utilized are full range reproductions of real world weapons.

The weapons made use of can be classified right into 3 main types: Spring powered, gas (CARBON DIOXIDE, green gas), as well as automated electric guns (AEGs). Spring powered should be hand-cocked whenever before shooting. They likewise shoot a lower speed than gas or AEG guns. Gas powered weapons can utilize various gases to power them such as CARBON DIOXIDE cylinders, green gas, or propane. An Automatic Electric Guns is a weapon, frequently in rifle style, that makes use of a battery and electric motor to power the spring mechanism. 

Guns usually go 350fps-500fps or higher depending upon the gun and the producer. All guns are legally liable to adhere to the “orange idea” muzzle requirement in order to identify them from real live fire ammo fire arms.

The BBs utilized are largely 6mm dimension sphere made from plastic. They come in various weights and also brand names along with Naturally degradable or Tracer design. 

Does Airsoft Hurt?

Many airsoft gamers have compared obtaining struck by a BB as being snapped by a rubberband. This experience can be lessened by the amount of layers being worn, security and also the materials. So outfit appropriately as well as be prepared to get hit. 

Because of the nature of the sporting activity and also the rate at which BBs are flying, ALL participants are told to put on eye protection at all times.

The History Of Airsoft

Ok history buffs this one is for you!

The game itself most likely had its origins back from around 1970, designed for target shooting and likewise the ability to have fun, casual dry run with weapons that could not trigger injury to other players as well as enthusiasts.


The game infect the UK and also United States from the late 1980s and also 1990s, as well as has actually just recently grown in mainstream appeal over the past 10 years. Guns have actually come to be more adapted specifically for recreational gamers, as well as an increasing number of ‘Websites’ have appeared over the past 10 years across practically every country on the planet.


Airsoft Game Playing Types

If you’ve ever played Call Of Duty or any other FPS game you’ll probably be familiar with this game modes. 

  • Team Deathmatch– a really basic means to play, essentially the first team to have all their players gotten rid of (struck by a BB) loses, and the other team victories
  • Capture the flag– get in the adversary base, catch their flag as well as return it to your base
  • King of the hill– invest even more time in a neutrally situated hillside than the enemy team
  • Fortress– Defend your fortress from the enemy
  • Bomb Attack– supply your phony ‘bomb’ to the adversary base without being eliminated

There’s many other airsoft game modes out there. But in this what is airsoft article we decided to stick to the most popular playing types.

Basic Rules Of Airsoft

  1. If you’re hit by a BB, you should elevate your hand as well as return to your base (honesty is really vital).
  2. If you see individuals cheating in this regard, inform a marshall.
  3. Do not fire people within 10ft, rather scream ‘BANG’– this is to stay clear of prospective up close injuries (do not stress, pellets still don’t harm that much).
  4. Prevent head shots.
  5. You can’t climb trees (Airsoft is extremely often played in timberland locations) or produce unfair hiding benefits that aren’t part of the developed area of play

So Is Airsoft Better Than Paintball?

We think so! It’s a game created for more practical armed force simulation. It often tends to be a much faster paced game than Paintball as well as the maps have a tendency to be much more extravagant and geared for real combat situations.

Some indicate keep in mind:.

  • More realistic looking guns as well as tactical equipment.
  • Practically like playing call of duty (before it got all cyber-space design) but in an actual real-time setting.
  • More sensible and realistic map designs.
  • It’s a growing sport.

What is Airsoft Conclusion.

I hope you enjoyed are what is airsoft article. Hopefully you have a better understanding on what the game of airsoft is all about and why we love it!

So have you ever played airsoft before? Do you think it wins in the airsoft vs paintball debate? Did you like it more than airsoft? Let us know in the comment below!

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What Is Airsoft? We Have The Best Answer!

What is Airsoft? Virtually everyone has come across paintball, right? Airsoft is comparable except that instead of paint balls, the weapons discharge small plastic pellets called BBs. So what is
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