Airsoft Vs Paintball. Which Sport Is Better?

airsoft vs paintball

The age old battle is finally coming to a head. The Airsoft Vs Paintball debate has been an ongoing battle since the two sports became a thing. We’ll today we plan on putting this battle to rest.

I personally love and have played both airsoft and paintball so I’m going to do my best to not be too biased on this subject. But obviously this in an airsoft website so bear with me!

When it comes to airsoft vs paintball, I think airsoft is the much better sport in a variety of different categories. Some of which might be surprising to you and I will do my best to discuss why airsoft has the edge over paintball.

So are you ready? Hold on tight and see who wins this airsoft vs paintball war!

Guns & Gear

Airsoft guns and paintball guns do the same job (shoot projectiles) But couldn’t be any more different.

Airsoft guns are made to simulate warfare. Most guns are made of full metal and have the same features and accessories of that of real guns. Airsoft guns even manage to get the interest of people who shoot real guns in their spare time. Military members and law enforcement officer even use some airsoft guns in training scenarios.

What’s also a plus is that if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a metal airsoft gun, you can buy a plastic constructed gun for a fraction of the price.

As mentioned before, the tactical gear in airsoft is impressive. Things like optics, helmets, vests, lasers, rails for guns, ghillie suites, tactical gloves and pants, can all be found in airsoft.

Paintball however is not as realistic as airsoft. The guns are called “markers” and have a very distinct look that don’t resemble that of a real firearm. Almost all markers look the same and there’s nothing special about them when it comes to look and design. Most makers allow for very few attachments which is a huge bummer.

Paintball equipment can be similar to that of airsoft but most of the clothing is thicker and designed to better protect the player. This limits what you can wear during a paintball match.


As we mentioned before, there’s a pretty big difference between airsoft ammo and paintball ammo. Both projectiles hurt like heck but both have distinct differences. So lets take a look

Airsoft Ammo uses a standard plastic projectile called a BB. The BBs have different weights and dimensions but the standard for field and arena play is 0.20g with a 6mm diameter.

Being able to chose the different weights in a BB is crucial and a huge positive. It’s simple….the heavier the BB the more accuracy but less FPS (Feet Per Second) you can achieve. Which makes heavier BBs ideal for sniper rifles.

Paintball Guns on the other hand shoot a soft projectile made of Polyethylene glycol, colored dye, and other non toxic substances. They weight around 3g and measure 17.3mm. This is about 3 times the size of an airsoft BB.

Which Ammo I Better?

Paintball projectiles require more care and will deteriorate over time. They also are more expensive, make more of a mess, and hurt a lot more than airsoft projectile.

However, the huge advantage of paintball is in the name. You can see when someone gets hit and is a huge advantage over airsoft in that aspect.

Airsoft BBs require a lot less attention and can literally last for years and years. They tend to be much cheaper than paintballs and don’t hurt nearly as much as paintballs do. They also come in different weights to make gameplay more realistic and fun

But…and this is a big butt. Getting hit by an airsoft BB leaves no paint or indicator. The Honor system has to be used and sometimes bad players will abuse that. This seems to be the biggest downfall in the airsoft vs paintball debate.

Cost Of Guns and Equipment

One of the biggest factors when it comes to airsoft vs paintball is the cost between the two. Typically most airsoft guns are going to be cheaper than a paintball marker. This is because all paintball guns require C02 which can get costly, while most airsoft guns operate off of rechargeable batteries or a spring mechanism.

As was stated previously, airsoft ammo is also way cheaper than paintball ammo. It’s easy to find a 10,000 rounds of airsoft ammo for under $20. While 10,000 rounds of paintballs is going to cost you at least triple that amount. Making airsoft a much cheaper option.

Don’t get me wrong, some airsoft guns are more expensive than paintball markers. Right now on there are some airsoft guns selling in the thousands of dollars. But those are for experienced professional players who has a dumb amount of money to burn. At the end of the day, generally speaking, airsoft is cheaper than paintball.

Which Hurts More? Airsoft Or Paintball?

I would have to say that getting shot with a Paintball hurts more than an airsoft BB. Paintballs are much heavier and bigger than an airsoft round and hurt like a son of a bitch when it impacts you. I have had some of the worst welts and bruises from paintballs. (But it was totally worth it)

I have also had an airsoft BB stick in my skin before from a close shot. Which is why It’s important to wear the correct gear and make sure to always have eye protection when playing both games.


This is going to be a pretty short one. Airsoft is way more realist than paintball. The airsoft weapons are so realistic it can be hard to tell the difference between a real gun and an airsoft gun. The basic mechanics of an airsoft gun are also somewhat similar to that of a real gun.

The airsoft gear and equipment is also similar to that of real life warfare. Slings, body armor, vests, camouflage, helmets, lane mines, grenades….it’s all found in airsoft.

Paintball on the other hand is not known for it’s realistic warfare. It’s rather known for small arenas with guns that do not look like a traditional gun. Paintball is not nearly as serious and more attracts those looking for excitement with a few coworkers on the weekends.

Which One Wins The Airsoft vs Paintball Debate?

Both sports are a ton of fun to play and watch and I’ve had a blast playing both.

If you’re looking for a realistic experience with military like simulations, than airsoft is going to be for you. The guns are incredible, and the gear and equipment will make you feel like you’re a certified badass.

Paintball is more for causal players who want to engage in team building on the weekends. The guns aren’t realistic and less tactics have to be utilized on the playing field.

Personally with this airsoft vs paintball debate….I would choose airsoft over paintball.

Some of the best times I’ve ever had has been playing airsoft in the woods with my friends. Crawling around in the Ghillie suit sniping people from long distances and pissing off all my friends! You can’t get much better than that.

Which sport do you prefer? Do you agree with our airsoft vs paintball debate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Airsoft Vs Paintball. Which Sport Is Better?

The age old battle is finally coming to a head. The Airsoft Vs Paintball debate has been an ongoing battle since the two sports became a thing. We'll today we
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