How To Treat Airsoft Welts And Bruises

How To Treat Airsoft Welts And Bruises

Getting a couple welts and bruises in airsoft is inevitable. Which can be a scary thought for beginners. I still remember how nervous I was about getting shot for the first time by an airsoft BB. Odds are you’ve felt that same way. Whats worse is there’s no avoiding it, its the name of the game. So since it’s inevitable it’s best to know how to treat airsoft welts and bruises.

So how do you treat airsoft welts and bruises? The best way to treat airsoft welts and bruises is to do the following. Clean the wound the best you can with warm soap and water, use a cold compress utilizing the 15 minutes on 15 minutes off. On the second day it’s best to use a hot compress 15 minutes on 15 minutes off and add vitamin k or c. You can also try to take an Epson salt bath for about 30 minutes followed by applying witch hazel to reduce pain and swelling.

If you’re new to airsoft you probably haven’t had to experience these steps yet. But I’m willing to bet in a couple months of playing, you’re going to be using these treatment remedies frequently.

What An Airsoft BB Feels Like When It Hits You

As you’re probably very aware, the name of the game in airsoft is to try and avoid getting shot. However, you’re going to get hit by a BB sooner than later. Nobody is going to want to play with someone who’s afraid of getting hit.

But I understand it can be scary. I was pretty nervous my first time playing and I was worried about how much it would hurt. If you’re a veteran player you can skip this part, as for all you newbies lets get to it.

You may be surprised to hear this… but it doesn’t always hurt to be hit with an airsoft BB. How much depends on the range, area of impact, and type of BB. Obviously the closer you are to the person shooting you, the more it’s going to hurt.

Most of the time it feels like a bee sting but the pain goes away very quickly. It’s enough to know you got hit. Clothing that fits tighter to the skin like upper thigh, back, butt, and arms usually hurts the most. Headshots also hurt but that’s why wearing protective equipment is so important.

What Type Of Injuries To Expect

In my many years of playing airsoft, I’ve seen a lot of injuries. Fortunately most of the injuries have not been caused by me. But I digress.


Bruises bu definition are yellow or purple in color, tender to the touch, and are painful. I think everyone has had a bruise before but most people don’t know that bruises are actually worse than welts.

Usually when you get hit by a high powered sniper rifle at close range you’ll get a bruise. To prevent bruises make sure you minimize exposed skin. Especially around the necks, hands, and face.


Most welts are not as severe as a bruises and usually swell a bit with a slight raise in the skin. They are less painful and don’t last as long as a bruise does.

Welts are much more common in airsoft and can occur pretty much anywhere on the body. Sometimes a welt can turn into a skin break but that is quite rare

Skin Breaking

Breaking of the skin from an airsoft BB is rare but it does happen. Exposed skin such as the knuckles, other parts of the hand, neck, and face can bleed when struck with a BB.

Skin breakage can be easily prevented with proper protective gear. I would recommend to make sure your hands and face are protected because when you get in these places it sucks!

How To Prevents Injuries in Airsoft?

Getting a few welts and bruises is expected in airsoft. Whats not expected is massive injuries due to carelessness and laziness. Nobody wants a trip to the hospital like the people in this video….

Are you feeling a bit squeamish now? Good! Now that you’ve seen some nasty injuries, lets see what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.

Wear The Right Protection

Wearing the right protection is such a simple and easy thing to do, yet so many people fail to do this. I can’t tell you how many injuries I’ve seen when the solution was just to wear gloves, a throat guard, or not wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt like an idiot.

Wearing the minimum amount of clothing doesn’t make you look tough. Trust me, you’ll be laughed at and odds are you probably wont be invited to an airsoft event again.

To proven injury and no look like a jerk, make sure to minimize skin exposure as much as possible. And always ALWAYS wear eye protection.

Follow The Rules

Rules on the airsoft field are there for a reason. One of the reasons is to prevent injury to yourself and others. An important rule is to not shoot someone at close range. I see this rule get broken a lot and as a results people have needed a few bandaids.

Best Way To Treat Airsoft Injuries

Ok so you just got done playing airsoft and you’ve got a few bruises, welts and maybe a few cuts. Now what?

How to Treat Bruises

  1. Clean the area and elevate the bruised area
  2. Apply a cold compress for 20 minutes for the first hour
  3. Reapply once per hour
  4. After 24 hours repeat with a warm compress.

If you don’t have a cold compress you can use a bag of peas or corn. Just make sure to wrap it in a towel to prevent skin damage.

Another good addition is to talk an Epsom salt bath. You can pickup Epsom salt at your local drug store.

How to Treat Welts

  1. Clean the area and elevate
  2. Apply cold compress for 20 minuted for the first hour
  3. Reapply once per hour
  4. After 24 hours repeat with warm compress

As you can see, the method is exactly the same as bruises. You can also take an epsom salt bath to relieve some discomfort. It may also be a good idea to take a couple Advil or ibuprofin.

How to Treat Cuts

  1. Clean the cut with warm soap and water
  2. Apply an antibiotic ointment
  3. Cover with a badage
  4. Keep the cut clean for the next couple of days

Treating cuts is pretty straight forward. Odds are you’ve had a few cuts and scrapes in your day but we added this to the list for good measure.

How To Treat Airsoft Welts And Bruises Final Thoughts

It’s obvious that at somepoint your going to get a few airsoft welts and bruises. It’s simply the name of the game. But what’s important is that you know what to expect and how to treat it.

I hope after reading our how to treat airsoft welts and bruises article, you’re able to better prepare and treat yourself. We want you back in the field playing the sport we love so much!

So what did you think? Do you have a nasty injury you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our latest article here.

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How To Treat Airsoft Welts And Bruises

Getting a couple welts and bruises in airsoft is inevitable. Which can be a scary thought for beginners. I still remember how nervous I was about getting shot for the
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