12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

If you think airsoft is a sport you can only play during the daytime, think again! Airsoft night time play is one of the most unique experiences you can have. But it’s not simple and there’s a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. So without further adue lets get into the 12 tips for airsoft night time play.

12 Airsoft Night Time Play Tips

  1. Wear A Gun Light
  2. Wear A Head Light
  3. Utilize Glow Stick
  4. Wear Protection
  5. Dress For Colder Weather
  6. Do NOT Wear All Black
  7. Have Radios
  8. Know Your Field
  9. Have Integrity
  10. Stay Low
  11. Wear Clear Goggles
  12. Wear Bug Spray

#1 Wear A Gun Light

Wearing a gun light might sound silly. But it can be a useful tool when used correctly.

You’re obviously not going to want to keep the light on all the time. However, if your enemy is close, you can turn the light on quickly and blind them while giving them a hail of BBs.

Naturally you’re going to give away your position when doing this so i would recommend that you dont stick around for long. It’s also going to take you a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness.

If you use this method I would takeout my enemy as quickly as possible, run a couple hundred feet away and hunker down until my eyes readjust.

#2 Wear A Headlight

A headlight is really important between games, not so much during games. It’s difficult to do thing like reload and a base station, or get things out of your vehicle when it’s already dark out.

It’s also great for moving from one location to another. I assume most airsoft fields are int he woods, and trust me, you’re not gonna want to walk in and out without a headlight

#3 Utilize GlowSticks

When playing night time airsoft glowsticks can be very important and have a wide variety of uses. When my friends and I play it, when you’ve been hit, crack a red glowstick and wear it around your neck. Otherwise your opponents will continue to shoot you.

12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

Other colors glow sticks can also be used to identify friend vs foe. If you encounter fire you can reveal a glowstick from your pocket, if both people present the same color than congratulations, you just encountered some friendly fire.

Glowsticks can also be used to mark areas. Of course it depends on what airsoft scenario you decide to use. But glowsticks in airsoft is very useful.

#4 Wear Protection

It’s dark so it’s going to be hard to see. It’s important to keep that in mind when it comes to protection. Make sure you wear boots with good ankle support. Another good idea would be to wear a helmet just incase you bash your head on a tree or limb.

Also it’s a good idea to cover your entire face and of course eyes. Odds are people will be shooting at a outline of you, headshots and faceshots will probably happen so be prepared for that.

#5 Dress For Colder Weather

I wasn’t going to include this but embarrassingly I’ve made this mistake before. It may be a nice 70 degrees out during the day. But temperatures can drop pretty quickly once the sun goes down,

Always ware a long sleeve and pants at a minimum Another good thing to remember is that some bugs like to come out at night and feast on your flesh. It’s a good idea to keep your skin covered the best you can.

#6 Don’t Wear All Black

This may sound silly. I mean…It’s dark, of course you’re gonna want to wear all black! But just because you’re dressed in all black does not mean you’ll be harder to spot. The fact of the matter is…you’ll actually be easier to locate.

In the daylight the surrounding area is green, and during nightfall the surrounding area is also green. Wearing all black will standout just as much as wearing all black during the daytime.

So if you really want to disappear during nightfall, wear the same camouflage you’d wear during the day. Try to match the surrounding area as best as possible.

#7 Have Radios

Having a radio during night time gaming is quite important also. It’s easy to get separated from your team at night and it’s a great way to immediately identify friend vs foe.

12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

It’s also a good safety tool. It’s easy to get lost in the woods at night. It would be terrible if little Jimmy got lost and never came back home. To prevent this make sure everyone has a radio with them, or a cellphone at minimum.

If you’re looking for a good set of radios for you and your crew I would recommend these.

#8 Know Your Field

I would hope nobody would enter an airsoft field or field area without knowing the boundary limits or layout. This is so important during night play because you don’t want a player to aimlessly wonder miles away from the play area and get lost.

I would recommend that all players map out an area during daylight before the match is played. Making sure everyone understands the boundaries and rules will prevent accidents from happening.

#9 Have Integrity

I can’t stress how important having good integrity is. As airsoft players we utilize the honor system. Simply put, if you’re hit, don’t be a cheater and keep playing. If you know of a player who does this during the daytime, you can bet your ass they’ll do it at nightime.

It’s so easy to cheat during the cover of night so make sure it is understood that cheating will not be tolerated. I usually make sure I have a good crew of loyal and honest airsofters for night time play.

#10 Stay Low

Staying low seems obvious but I see very few people doing it doing airsoft games. It’s harder to spot someone if they are crouching, low crawling, or staying low in general. A silhouette is much easier to see when standing than it is laying low.

Also while crawling or laying low you make less noise which often puts you in a better position of not being detected. 

#11 Wear Clear Goggles

Wearing clear goggles may seem obvious but I’ve made this mistake before. Some airsoft goggles come tinted which is perfect for daytime play. But tinted goggles are not idea for nighttime play.

12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

It’s just a good idea to make sure that your goggles are clear. Little things like this make a big difference.

#12 Wear Bug Spray

I covered this a previously, but i feel like this is pretty important. If you live in an area with Mosquitoes you know what I’m talking about. Certain bugs love to come out at nighttime to feed and the cover of night won’t protect you.

Wearing bug spray will be a life safer. I recommend you get this stuff for the best protection for your money. I use it and it does a good job at keeping the mosquitoes away.

12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play Final Thoughts

Playing airsoft at night is a really fun and realistic experience. I would recommend that everyone try it out at least once. If you do, make sure you follow our list of 12 tips for airsoft night time play. I promise you wont regret it.

What did you think of our list? Anything you would add that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below and as always you can checkout our latest article here!

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12 Tips For Airsoft Night Time Play

If you think airsoft is a sport you can only play during the daytime, think again! Airsoft night time play is one of the most unique experiences you can have.
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