Can You Use Metal BBs In An Airsoft Gun?

Can You Use Metal BBs In An Airsoft Gun?

Many new airsoft players have often asked me, can i use metal BBS in my Airsoft gun? It’s a questions that I never blow off because I often wondered that myself when I was a new player.

The question to can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun is NO. A metal BB is too small to fit into an airsoft gun, Lets say you somehow found a metal BB that’ll fit inside an airsoft gun, it will surely destroy the guns internals and barrel. It’s not a good idea to even try.

Why Using Metal BBs In An Airsoft Gun Is a Bad Idea?

The first thing you might observe is the size of the BBs, airsoft gun use BBs that is 6mm as well as 8mm in size, while BBs gun use 4,5 mm in diameter or.177 caliber steel (steel BBs). This is the primary reasons you can’t use steel BBs in an airsoft weapon. Because the steel BBs is smaller than airsoft barrel, the projectile are not able to fly greater than a few feet since the weapon wouldn’t totally establish high pressure inside the barrel.

Based upon research study, and also experience these are 3 troubles that might take place if you fire steel BBs with airsoft gun:

Metal BBs Can Cause Damage to the Weapon and Magazine

First of all, airsoft are not created to absorb steel BBs, firing them wouldn’t be an issue in the beginning, however later on, you will certainly observe it wouldn’t do well when you initially got it. The issue steel BBs can do is harm the inner side of the gun, it might damage inside the barrel would compromise the accuracy and can lead a costly repair service.

Airsoft are Not Effective at Firing Steel BBs

There is an additional factor which exactly how powerful the gun is. Theoretically, if you switch 4,5 mm steel bbs to 6mm steel bbs it would certainly be feasible to fire, yet in practice, it doesn’t work this way. Metal BBs are denser contrasted to plastic. Initially, maybe extremely harmful if somebody obtains hit due to the fact that it can trigger deadly injuries. The second that can occur the projectile would fly a lot shorter because the gun is not created to discharge heavy projectile.

BBs Might Get Stuck In Areas They Shouldn’t

I pointed out earlier that using steel BBs (4,5 mm) is not a great concept and I’m going to inform you why. Airsoft usage air pressure to send out BBs out of the barrel, if the projectile is also little it may sit inside the barrel rather getting out of the barrel, and in the most awful circumstance if you continue to pull on the trigger, you would likely jam and possibly damages parts such as bucking, air nozzle or even the cylinder head.

Are Metal BBs Dangerous?

If you never played airsoft it’s important to remind you that metal bbs are forbidden in airsoft field, this is for the safety and security for you and people around you. Steel BBs are larger than plastic that makes them extra fatal compared to plastic BBs given that they are able to experience the skin because the product is much more solid.

If you fire steel bbs on a hard surface such as concrete or metal it would certainly backfire which can be dangerous considering that due to the fact that it would certainly smash to small pieces that go almost everywhere. This is why many airsoft fields are only produced plastic BBs just. Prior to you fire with BBs gun make certain to be at a safe range to avoid ricochet.

Steel bbs is generally used in practice array (or in some cases for parasite control) because it’s a lot more effective as well as accurate contrasted to airsoft guns. Despite the BBs gun uses 4,5 mm round, it’s extra powerful since steel pellet are denser and also it can enter into the skin. This is why people should not use it to contend each other but instead use for in practice array.

When it comes to airsoft, they are made use of for tactical video games which could be playing against each other. This is much safer due to the fact that it’s made of plastic as well as isn’t as powerful as a BBs gun. Airsoft gun fires much slower due to the fact that the pellet is made from plastic which doesn’t call for too much power to press it out of the barrel, so when you obtain struck, you would just feel a sting after getting struck by airsoft weapon.

Are Steel BBs More Expensive?

I’ve done some research via as well as discovered the price when it comes to plastic and metal bbs.

On Amazon ammunition for airsoft BB has a starting rate at $5 higher to $45, Surprisingly, when it comes to metal BBs, they additionally have the same cost. Their cost can range from $5 as well as it can rise to $90 which is almost the like the airsoft BBs.

Another element that influences the price is the top quality as well as how many pellets you desire to have. Premium quality pellet makes a huge difference in how precise your airsoft weapon is. The basic ammunition bundle are from 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000 as well as 10,000 BBs.

Exactly How Do You Know The If The BBs Fit?

If you consider 2 similar weapons that are airsoft BB’s as well as BB handgun, it’s extremely challenging to see what ammo it makes use of, but there is an easy method to detect it.

I recognize for a fact that some pistols have white marks that are written on the slide what dimension of pellet it makes use of. Below is an instance:

#1 If it’s composed.177 cal. (4,5 mm) BB, it’s a BB gun.

#2 If it’s composed Cal.6 mm BB it’s an airsoft weapon.

Next up is the mags, I locate it very easy to identify when doing this test. For me, this is one of the most useful method if you don’t know what your gun utilizes.

All you require to do is simply is get the mags from the rifle or pistol. You can see if it’s created there. If you tried to place in and also it really did not hold within, it means they are as well small. If the BBs doesn’t fit inside the mags, it suggests the pellet is also big. It’s easy to understand because you would certainly discover when placing it in the opening.

The 2nd alternative you can do is put the BB inside the barrel opening, if the bb go straight within, it fits. However, if you see the BB is stuck at the pointer of the barrel it simply suggests it doesn’t fit. In some cases it can be difficult to see within so I would certainly advise having a flashlight to see how deep the BBs is inside the gun.

The third choice is to find the manual for your weapon or look it online to see what BBs it make use of. If you still have the receipt, it can most likely tell you what sort of gun you have bought and you could ask the employers what sort of BBs it uses.

Can You Use Metal BBs In An Airsoft Gun? Final Thoughts

Trying to shove metal BBs in your airsoft gun is just a bad idea. You risk really damaging your airsoft gun. And as we have already talked about, there is a host of other issues that come along with trying it. Take it from me, stick to using appropriate airsoft BBs with an airsoft gun. Always make sure you have the right size BBs for your gun and it’s also a good idea to use biodegradable BBs.

Have you ever tried to put metal BBs in an airsoft gun? Did you end up breaking your gun? Let us know in the comment section below and as usual feel free to checkout out latest articles!

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Can You Use Metal BBs In An Airsoft Gun?

Many new airsoft players have often asked me, can i use metal BBS in my Airsoft gun? It's a questions that I never blow off because I often wondered that
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