The Top 10 Airsoft Games To Be Playing in 2021

The Top 10 Airsoft Games To Be Playing in 2020

Airsoft has been a growing sport filled with fun and excitement. Every year, more and more people seem to be falling in love with the sport. Airsoft games are played with guns called “Airsoft Guns” which shoot plastic BBS. The airsoft guns themselves are basically highly detailed replicas of authentic firearms.

The awesome thing about airsoft is there’s such a wide variety of different airsoft games you can play. It’s exciting to create new scenarios and game types with you and your friends.

When it comes to scenario’s, we feel like there’s defiantly some that are better than others. But what we can all agree on is that all are exhilarating and fun. Personally we have played pretty much every airsoft games and scenario imaginable. But we have a list of our favorite.

Here is our list of the top 10 airsoft games to be playing in 2021

Top 10 Airsoft Games To Be Playing In 2021

#1 Team Deathmatch

Probably the most popular played airsoft game type of all time. Team Deathmatch or “TDM” as its called, is a game were 2 teams fight each other until all the players on 1 team are eliminated. It’s probably the most simple and easiest to learn game type, which is why it’s so popular.

#2 Capture The Flag

Another massively popular airsoft game is Capture The Flag. In this game, there are a few teams that try to take the flag of the opponent team to their own base.

Flags are placed either in the open or hidden from sight. When a player physically has the flag, it should be carried in a visible manner.

There are a couple CTF variants, “Live Flag” and “Dead Flag”. In live flag, if the flag carrier is shot and eliminated, the flag must be dropped immediately. However, In Dead flag, if the flag carrier is shot and eliminated, the flag must be taken back by him or her to the opponents base.

#3 Rescue The Hostage

Another great airsoft game is called rescue the hostage. To play this game you need 1 team of hostages and 1 team of guads and 1 team of rescuers. The hostages have to be placed on random locations on the airsoft field. The guards will be located near the hostages, making sure to not allow any rescuer to save them.

The rescuers job is to try their best to rescue the hostages without being shot and eliminated by the guards.

In order for the rescuers to win the game, they need to take them to a safe place which is determined before the game starts. In the flip side, in order for the guards to win, they must shoot and eliminate all the rescuers before they’re able to rescue the hostages.

The rescuing team need to carry additional pistols with them that the hostages can use to help their fight against the guards.

#4 President

President is another cool airsoft game that players really like. The way this airsoft game works is that one players is the “President”. As the president, you get half the players to protect you as your own bodyguards. The other players are assassins why try to eliminate the “president”.

If the president gets shot or eliminated the game is over and the assassins win, if the president is successfully taken to a predetermined safe location without getting shot or eliminated, the presidents team wins.

It’s always a good idea to give the presidents and the bodyguards a few minutes to hide before the game starts.

#4 Zombie

Zombie has been a new but popular airsoft game that can be played with either a large or small group of airsofters. In order to play however, you need to divide the teams into a 4:1 ratio of humans to zombies.

The goal of the zombies is to infect the humans without getting shot more than 3 times. When a human get attacked by a zombie, they also become a zombie, thus decreasing the number of humans in the game.

The humans need to find a set of predetermined items for a “cure” before they turn into zombies in order to win. If all the zombies are killed and eliminated, than the humans win. However, if the zombies infect all the player first, they win the game.

Zombie airsoft games can be played with AEG’s or with rifles, but most airsoft players like to only use pistols to make the game more fun and challenging.

#5 Medic

Medic is another one of our top 10 airsoft games around today. Medic is a large scale game that requires 2 teams of an equal number of players. Typically with the aim of team domination or deathmatch

The medic in this game mode will remain unarmed, or sometimes with a pistol with limited ammo.

When a player is shot, they need to lay down and remain down but can use their weapon to defend themselves. The player needs to yell “MEDIC” so that the medic can run over to the down player in order to heal him or her.

One that down airsoft player is healed by the medic, him or her can get back up and start playing at full capacity again. Keep in mind that both teams will be trying to kill the medic of the opponents team, and if the medic gets hit and eliminated, he’s permanently out.

To win the medic game, all players from one team need to be eliminated. Be prepared with this game mode, most Medic airsoft games last a very ling time so carry a lot of ammo.

#6 Fortress

In the game of fortress the rules are pretty simple. 25% or half of the players barricade themselves in a fortress area. The opposing teams job is to eliminate everyone inside the fortress area before them themselves are eliminated. When everyone is eliminated, the game is over.

#7 Search and Destroy

Search and destroy is another game type that’s pretty famous thanks to games like Call of Duty. S&D is an airsoft game mode which one team has two objective to defend and the other team has a kitchen timer as the “bomb”. The team with the bomb must plant it at one of the objectives. The other team must defuse the bomb by grabbing the bomb and moving it 200 feet away from the objective.

The game ends when either the bomb goes off on the designated objective, a team is entirely eliminated, or the bomb is defused by the other team.

#8 Special Forces

Special Forces is a military simulation play style. You can change these numbers around…but typically a team of 4 is named the “Special Forces” and a team of 8 is names the “Bad Guys”.

The Special Forces team members must utilize good strategy since they are already outnumbered. The bad guys already have an advantage due to having more people. If you don’t have the number of people another option is to equip the Special Forces with AEGs and rifles and the Bad Guys with pistols.

In order to win the game you only need to kill and eliminate everyone from the opposing team.

#9 Free For All

Free For All is one of those airsoft games that everyone seems to love, The Rules are simple, every man for themselves….last one standing is the winner.

#10 Manhunt

Last but not least in our 10 best airsoft games to play in 2021 list is manhunt! In manhunt there is a team of “Hunters” and a team of “Prey”. The hunters objective is to eliminate the prey before the prey make it back to their safe space.

The Hunters win the game if they can keep the pray from making it back to their safe space. The Prey win by getting back to their safe space.

The Top 10 Airsoft Games To Be Playing In 2021 Final Thoughts

This airsoft games list is some of the game modes we came up with off the top of our head and are some of the game types we like the most. We hope this list was helpful and we encourage all you airsoft lovers to give a few of these airsoft game types a try.

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The Top 10 Airsoft Games To Be Playing in 2021

Airsoft has been a growing sport filled with fun and excitement. Every year, more and more people seem to be falling in love with the sport. Airsoft games are played
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