Is Airsoft An Expensive Hobby?

is airsoft an expensive hobby

If you’ve ever did a quick google search of airsoft you’ll find a massive selection of airsoft guns are gear. You might also notice the price point of all of these cool looking replica weapons. Ranging from $50 all the way up to a few thousand! But why such a price range? Why is airsoft an expensive hobby? Or is it…….

So lets get right to it. Is airsoft an expensive hobby? The answer is both yes and no. What’s expensive to one person may not be expensive to another. But the number of high priced airsoft guns is due to a number of factors. Surprisingly airsoft guns have more parts than real firearms and most of these parts are very tiny and hand assembled. Some of the more expensive airsoft guns are made of real metal which ups the value. However, airsoft really isn’t that expensive of a hobby when compared to others such as PC gaming, dirtbiking or golfing.

Why Is Airsoft Expensive?

If you’re just starting out it can be pretty intimidating to browse through an airsoft catalog. There’s literally thousands of guns and almost all are quite expensive. Ranging from a few hundreds to even a few thousands of dollars.

So why are airsoft guns so expensive? Well for starters most airsoft guns are hand assembled which increases the quality of the product. Usually hand assembled items have a high price point.

The parts within the airsoft gun are usually quite small, making it difficult to assemble. As you might have guessed it, these small parts are not cheap. Take a look at the gearbox, or an airsoft barrel. There’s a ton of high precision cuts and small rotating parts…you can bet your butt these things aren’t cheap.

But at the end of the day…is airsoft really an expensive hobby? I would say it’s not as expensive as you may think.

You can easily find an airsoft gun valued at a couple hundred dollars. Which can be a big investment for some. But when you compare it to sports like golf or dirtbiking, you start to see how inexpensive airsoft really is.

You can easily get a great quality airsoft gun for about $150. I personally own 2 guns that are about that price for over 10 years now….they work like a charm! The only thing that costs money when I play is the airsoft BBs which are very cheap.

So with an upfront cost of about $150 for a good gun and maybe another $50 for a mask and gloves and $20 for a bunch of BBs. That’s about $200 and you’re good to go. Try that with golf or dirtbiking.

Not to mention that airsoft field rates are pretty cheap when you have a big group of people. Way less expensive than doing 18 holes of golf….and much more thrilling.

Yes you can go all out and spend thousands of dollars in gear and airsoft weapons. The options in airsoft are pretty much endless and it’s all up to how much you want to spend. Just remember….you can spend thousands of dollars in gear and still be taken out by a noob with a spring powered pistols. Ahhhh the beauty of airsoft.

How Much Does An Airsoft Gun Cost?

The short answer to this question is: Whatever you’re willing to spend.

Airsoft guns literally range from $10 all the way up to just shy of $2,000. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Obviously price is going to be a big factor in the quality and performance of the gun. If you go cheap you’re going to get cheap. You wont be taking out enemies from a hundred feet away with a $20 pistol.

But what most people do is they look at the very high end airsoft guns are come to the conclusion that airsoft guns are just way too expensive. But as I’ve stated before. You can get a really nice airsoft gun and gear for just shy of $200. In my opinion that’s very doable.

In order to help you out a bit, here is a small list of guns I picked out that I think are inexpensive yet have great quality.

Good Quality Airsoft Guns At A Great Price

How Much Does Airsoft Gear Cost?

Airsoft gear is very much like airsoft guns. There is limitless options and price ranges to choose from. But generally you’re going to want to keep things simple yet good quality.

Think about what you want gear for. A majority of new airsoft players want face protection and maybe hand protection. This isn’t going to cost much at all. You’re probably looking at around $50.

If you want to get into vests, military style gear, a helmet with GoPro attachment, tactical boots, and a gillie suit….you’re looking at hundreds of dollars.

For what you’re looking for is simple entry level airsoft gear, here is a list of airsoft products that I recommend.

Recommended Entry Level Airsoft Gear

How Much Do Airsoft BBs Cost?

Surprisingly airsoft BBs come in a variety of different weights and sizes which we cover in our article found here! With that, comes a variety of prices.

Generally the heavier the BB the more it’s going to cost. But when you compare the prices with paintball, airsoft is way cheaper. Which is one of the big positives in airsoft. Simple put, BBs are cheap.

Biodegradable BBs have raised the prices of airsoft BBs but they are still quote cheap. I think the price of not having animals swallowing small plastic parts is worth it.

To give you a good idea of some good quality airsoft BBs and the general price of them, here is a list of what I would recommend.

Recommended Airsoft BBs

Is Airsoft An Expensive Hobby Final Thoughts

In short getting into the hobby of airsoft isn’t that expensive. However, the beauty of airsoft is that you can go as cheap or as expensive as you wish.

With wide variety of products comes a wide variety of choice and of course price points. I know people who have spent thousands of dollars and are huge into the hobby. I also know friends who are also big airsoft fans who have only ever spent a couple hundred bucks.

Airsoft is as expensive or cheap as you want. Which is just another thing I love about the sport of airsoft.

I hoped you liked my article on answer the question is airsoft an expensive hobby. How much have you spent on airsoft? Let us know in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our latest article here!

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Is Airsoft An Expensive Hobby?

If you've ever did a quick google search of airsoft you'll find a massive selection of airsoft guns are gear. You might also notice the price point of all of
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