How Much Does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball?

How much does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball

If you are hit by a Paintball, you will feel it, but it is minor pain and will quickly fade away, but may leave a bruise. In comparison, how much does Airsoft hurt? Airsoft vs Paintball, Airsoft travels faster but is a smaller projectile, and hurts less than Paintball. Those who play both sports say that Paintball hurts a lot more than Airsoft BBs.

How much does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball?

Interestingly both Airsoft and Paintball guns shoot around 300-400 fps. So the difference to your pain threshold is the weight of what is being shot out of your gun. The Airsoft shot weighs .20 grams and the Paintball weighs 3 grams, a big difference in kinetic energy levels. So if Paintball hits you it will make big welts, and if you are hit with Airsoft BBs you will get small red marks.

Protective Equipment for Paintball and Airsoft

How Much Does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball

To minimize the pain that you will feel when playing both sports you need to have the correct PPE (personal protective equipment). So starting with Paintball, you will need a ‘starter kit’ which contains:

The face gear is very important as protection is essential for eyes and teeth. Also, wear some Army boots to get you around in the often rough terrain.

Does Airsoft Hurt?

Does Airsoft Hurt?

If you are playing on an outdoor field, the way that the wind is blowing can affect you. Try to get closer to the enemy, so that the wind shots lose power.

If it is a windy day, and there is a sniper out there you will need to watch out, as coupled with the wind the shots will travel faster and hurt more.

The weight and pain caused by the projectiles all come back to physics, however, if you have all your protective gear on and you get hit, at least the pain will be minimized.

Does Paintball Hurt?

Does Paintball Hurt?

We have established that paintball does hurt because the paintball is larger, so it is important to follow the safety rules.

  • Never have a loaded weapon off the field.
  • Never have your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
  • Have a barrel-sock when you are not playing.
  • Store your weapon in a rifle bag.
  • Unload your magazine before leaving the field.
  • Clear the chamber before putting the weapon away.

Many people love Airsoft and Paintball, and this is a great way to hone your skills, but it is not suitable for children, and age limits vary in different places. Some allow children over 12 years to play wearing correct personal protection equipment.

How do you Play Paintball Without Getting Hurt?

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Before you start it is important to become familiar with the rules, as paintball is a mixture of hide and seek and tag all in one, and even if you are 60 you can still play it. When you first start to play rent your equipment while you familiarize yourself with what is required. When you rent a package it should include.

  • Paintball marker (AKA paintball gun)
  • Facemask
  • Hopper ( is a container).
  • CO2 or compressed air tank to power your marker.
  • Buy paintballs

When you go to play Paintball, cover your skin with a few layers, and then you won’t feel any pain. Camouflage yourself properly as you will be disadvantaged if you stand out. Make sure that you are wearing some shoes with traction.

Rules of Paintball

  • Never remove your mask while on the field.
  • Only fire at opponents from beyond a minimum distance, usually not closer than 10 feet.
  • If you are hit by a Paintball and it leaves a solid mark, you are out of the game.
  • The game continues until one team has been completely eliminated.

Paintball is great fun and played by both men and women. It can be used as a team bonding game for your office end of year party.

How to Play Airsoft Without Getting Hurt

How to Play Airsoft Without Getting Hurt

Once again become familiar with the Airsoft rules. Participants use an Airsoft gun to eliminate their opponents by hitting each player with non-metallic pellets. These games are often played outside in a field that is set up for the purpose. In winter, the game can be played indoors, if a big enough area is


You may get a few scars and red marks so your protective equipment is important. You will need.

  • Rent a gun and a mask ( don’t buy stuff until you are sure that you like the sport).
  • Wear camouflage gear and shoes with traction. Remember you want to protect your skin.
  • Proper work gloves.
  • Wear a hat or helmet to protect your head.
  • No physical contact with other players ( no gun rage, and no fighting)
  • Minimum engagement distance.
  • Obey the referee.
  • Treat your weapon as you would treat a real gun.
  • When the game is over unload your gun and don’t remove the mask until you have left the field.

Remember Airsoft is a sport, and you are playing a game, so don’t take it too seriously.

Once you have played a few times you will be ready to purchase your own equipment and will have a good idea of what to buy. Buy a duffle bag or sling bag to keep all your gear in, and a tactical vest ( with various pockets in it) is a useful investment for when you are playing.

How Much does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball? Final Thoughts

Once you have played Paintball and Airsoft you will know which one you want to take up as a sport. The reality is that neither of them hurt very much and if you love the game it is not going to put you off playing. You will just be certain that you have all your protective gear with you. Your decision may be made on the proximity of the playing field (s), as most of us don’t want to travel too far in weekend traffic to play the sport we love.

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How Much Does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball?

If you are hit by a Paintball, you will feel it, but it is minor pain and will quickly fade away, but may leave a bruise. In comparison, how much
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