How Much Does Airsoft Cost For People On A Budget

How much does airsoft cost

The question “How much does Airsoft Cost?” is frequently asked by beginners who want to venture into the thrilling game. Airsoft is a competitive sport whereby different teams engage in simulated combat. The sport mimics military operations with authentic military-like weapons and tactics.

It is a fun sport for you and your friends to participate in. With a few injuries from the impact of airsoft pellets or BBs, it is safer than real war and gunfire in military situations For you to participate in the sport you need to be equipped with the right gear.

Ok so enough with talking and lets get right to the question. How much does airsoft cost? Airsoft guns are quite expensive but this is because they contain more parts than the real firearms. Most of these parts are very tiny and are hand-assembled. Some of the guns are made with real metal making it a high-quality product. This makes them expensive.

This, however, is not so much an expensive hobby when compared to others. A mask and a pair of gloves can go for about $50 and BBs which are really cheap, you can get for only $20. This, therefore, is not such an expensive sport.

Basic Airsoft Gear

Airsoft Guns

This ranges from shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols. You can be effective with any weapon as long as you understand how it works. Guns can be categorized into three main types. Gas-powered, Spring-powered and automatic electric guns(AEGs)

A Light Jacket or Long-Sleeved Shirt

The purpose of this is to protect your arms and upper body as this is where your opponents will be aiming at.

Masks & Goggles

A strong full face mask will protect your face, mouth, and ears from damage. Airsoft pellets or BBs as they are commonly referred to can cause a lot of damage when they hit your face.


Choose pants that help you camouflage. This is tactical because you will not be easily seen by your opponents.

Tactical Vest

A vest equipped with many pockets will help you in this sport. It will help you carry extra magazines, water, and ammo.


These are great to help carry your pistols, shotguns, and rifles. It will be tiring to carry your gun throughout the sports activity.

Extra Magazines

Just like in the military world, you will need extra magazines, especially for your pistols as they have a low ammo capacity.

Airsoft Cost Specifics

Now that you’re aware of some of the basic airsoft gear, lets look at some of the specifics. Remember some of these prices range drastically due to the massive amount of verity in the sport.

Airsoft Gun Costs

In order to answer the question of “How much does Airsoft Cost?”, we should first understand the cost of airsoft guns. The price of airsoft guns depends on the type of gun you want. Factors that affect the price of a gun include, the amount of power you want the gun to have, the degree of accuracy, its durability, the amount of ammunition it can hold, and how realistic you want it to be. The material used to create the gun also affects the price. Electric powered guns are more expensive than gas-powered guns. Spring guns are the least expensive.

The general price ranges for these guns are:

Airsoft Gear Costs

Airsoft gear includes a strong protective face mask, a pair of gloves, an extra battery, and ammunition.

When it comes to this you may choose either to purchase or rent your gear. It is not so expensive to rent airsoft gear but keep in mind that you quickly pay more than when you the amount you spend on purchases. It is therefore advisable to invest in your own gear, gear that you will have full control over. You will pay an admission fee of $100 for gear that you rent.

Extra batteries are needed when using electric airsoft guns in order to boost the power of your weapon. These batteries go for between $15 and $30. Chargers are also needed to keep your gun blasting at its full power. They go for around $20.

This is a high action-packed sport, therefore you are advised to always take precaution.

Facemasks will protect your face from the impact of BBs. They go for about $20

Gloves are needed to protect your wrists when operating the gun during battle. The price for a pair of gloves ranges between $9 and $20. You will also need to invest in long-sleeved tougher clothing that can withstand rugged terrain. A tactical vest is useful in carrying extra magazines. They go for $40. Holsters are also useful for carrying guns, which is very convenient. They go for around $15.

It is cheaper to buy rather than rent. Rent fee is around $100 for every visit while the first time Purchase fee for gear ranges between $200 and $325. You will only pay $30 for later visits.

Airsoft BBs Cost

Airsoft BBs or Pellets are the ammo used in airsoft guns. They are made of plastic and are mostly round in shape with a diameter of around 6mm. They come in different forms including:

  • Biodegradable
  • Glow in the dark pellets or tracers
  • Non-tracers or dark-colored pellets
  • Paintballs
  • Markers that leave spots once they hit someone
  • Metallic pellets
  • Ceramic pellets.

They help refill your guns to give you unlimited fun while playing. The cost of BBs ranges between $10 and $30. Each package has its specific count of ammo either 2000 or 5000.

How Much Does Airsoft Cost Final Thoughts

We can see that airsoft is not such an expensive game to play and it is so much fun to play with your tactical team. You can get some great exercise and also enjoy some great bonding time with your friends. With the knowledge of the cost of guns, gear, and BBs, the question of “How much does Airsoft Cost” is answered. Now go out and enjoy yourself!

How did you like our article? Whats the most you’ve ever spent on an airsoft gun? Let us know in the comments below!

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How Much Does Airsoft Cost For People On A Budget

The question 'How much does Airsoft Cost?' is frequently asked by beginners who want to venture into the thrilling game. Airsoft is a competitive sport whereby different teams engage in
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